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  • National Children’s Mental Health Day
       Each year, during the first week of May, we celebrate the importance of children’smental health. The week ends with National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day whichlooks to raise awareness Read more
  • Stress Awareness
    Time to De-stress! Ever feel so stressed you feel you’re on autopilot mode, don’t have time groceries or spending time with your loved ones, feel too tired to groom and look Read more
  • Mental Health in Modern Times
    Not too long ago, many of our relatives were solely relying on trains or boats to commute from one country to another. These trips would last a few days, even Read more
  • Earth Day
    With Earth Day approaching, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the value of nature for our emotional wellbeing. Read more
  • Eating disorder Awareness
    This Years’s theme for the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week” is “Every Body Has a Seat at the Table”. Read more
  • Fan the Flames of your Self-Esteem!
    Self-esteem is an ever-present flame from where each of us can draw our individual strength.In therapy we can safely explore your inner flame and stimulate it so that it burns brightly and warmly. Read more
  • Making Mental Health a Priority in 2021
    At the start of every year, it is common to go into it with a list of resolutions. Traveling, learning new skills, professional goals and/or going to the gym, are Read more
  • Transgender Awareness
    Transgender Awareness: The Diversity Of Human Sexuality Read more
  • Lessons of Kindness
    You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, a little kindness goes a long way. Read more
  • What is ADHD?
    Signs of ADHD, what causes it and treatment options. Read more
  • Domestic Violence and Controlling Behaviors
    I have been working with survivors of Domestic Violence since early 2009. The term Domestic violence includes physical violence and often stalking by an intimate partner, however, it is a Read more
  • How Can I Help My Teen Manage Their Strong Emotions?
    Learning how to help your teen manage their emotions can become challenging for some parents. Dr. Alisa Crossfield, PhD. shares some tools to guide you on how to help your Read more
  • The Angry Adolescent - A Phase or Depression?
    Adolescents face many emotions that can be misunderstood by others such as anger. Michael Craig Miller, MD. explains how anger can be a phase or a sign of depression for Read more
  • Why Negative Emotions Aren't All Bad
    We believe that experiencing moods like happy or calm are healthy however, studies actually shows that experiencing anger and sadness is healthy and useful for the brain. Dr. Jade Wu, Read more
  • How Mindfulness Can Help Ph.D. Students Deal with Mental Health Challenges
    There are many challenges that arise while being a doctoral student. Some of these challenges can affect our mental health state as well. Katie Langin shares mindfulness tips to help Read more

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