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  • Mayo es el Mes de la Salud Mental
    Mayo es el mes de la salud mental! El proposito de Lotus Counseling Center es crear un lugar en el que se obtienen conocimientos invaluables y habilidades prácticas, que permiten Read more
  • Stress Awareness Month
    Stress Awareness Read more
  • Celebrating Earth Day!
    In light of stay at home orders, celebrating Earth Day may be somewhat of a challenge for us this year. We may find ourselves frustrated from being in quarantine, however, Read more
  • Managing Financial-Stress During COVID-19
    "If you’re like me, apart from your health and the health of your loved ones, the biggest thing on your mind right now is your financial stability! Here are 8 Read more
  • Relationship Survival Tips
    "The world is filled with uncertainty. Anxiety levels are sky high. And we are quarantining ourselves at home with our partners. Sound like a recipe for disaster on the home Read more
  • Managing Anxiety Related to Coronavirus
    "Coronavirus is certainly wreaking havoc around the world. Here in South Florida, although our cases seem low, anxiety is running high. Many of my clients are worrying about their elderly Read more
  • Building Your Self-Esteem
    "Do you ever find yourself picking apart your image in the mirror or fixating on your self-perceived “flaws?” Do you have a difficult time letting go of mistakes from the Read more
  • The Holidays: Reflecting on a Year Past
    By the time the holidays roll around, most people are already looking forward to the new year. As 2019 comes to a close, you likely find yourself making plans, setting Read more
  • Inviting Happiness into Your Workflow
    "Have you ever wondered how you can be happier at work? Do you strive to experience greater satisfaction and higher productivity day to day? For most of us, work is Read more
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
    Suicide PreventionYou Can Help and There is No Expertise Required"September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and today marks the end of Suicide Prevention Week. A time where light is shed Read more
  • World Smile Day!
    "Friday October 4th is World Smile Day! This day is all about devoting one day a year to smiles and acts of kindness. Did you know that research supports, engaging Read more
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month 2019
    Olga Capriata, LCSW, a Lotus Counseling Center psychotherapist, shares her thoughts on National Hispanic Heritage Month."Different circumstances make people immigrate to another place. Usually it's looking for a better life, Read more
    If you’ve been considering seeing a marriage counselor for problems that seem out of hand, Lotus Counseling Center can help get your relationship back on track. Our marriage counselors offer Read more
  • Managing Holiday Stress
    Anna Halliday, LMHC, a Lotus Counseling psychotherapist, shares her thoughts on "Managing Holiday Stress" "The winter holidays are meant to be a time of joyful celebration with family and friends, of Read more
  • Flexible Boundaries: Affirming Ourselves While Staying Connected
    How do we protect ourselves while remaining open to good experiences? It takes practice and mistakes, but it's worth doing. Dr. John Amodeo, Ph.D., shares his thoughts on "Flexible Boundaries" and "Affirming Read more

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