"Coming to see you was the best decision I ever made" are words that I said to Alessana at some point during my therapy.  Alessana helped me build confidence in myself both personally and professionally. Through my therapy, I gained insight and understanding of who I am and my value, and not just to individuals in my life, but to myself.  I now value who I am and most importantly, respect myself. Subsequently, I am down to a 5mg dose (compared to 25mg dose when I started therapy) of blood pressure medication and have continued to lose and maintain my weight. I attribute these improvements to therapy. I've learned to control my stress, think things out without anger or anxiety and that keeps my emotional state on an even keel. Additionally, it has helped me from hitting the fridge when I am stressed or at the very least make better, healthier choices. Now, one year after completing therapy, I still feel it was the best decision I ever made."
- Jackie in Miami

"Since moving out of state...I really do miss our weekly sessions and do many times go back to a few of our sessions for support.  You always made me feel like I mattered and seeing you for psychotherapy was probably one of the most important things I have ever done for myself! Thank you for that! Thinking of our sessions always puts me at peace; the memory sort of makes me count to ten without using numbers."
- Sean T. S.

"Alessana Fordin has been indescribably helpful to me in my life. I recommended Alessana and the Lotus Counseling Center to one of my best and closest friends.  Ms. Fordin is very intelligent, highly trained, patient, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. She helped me resolve major issues that had been bothering me and recurring for years. I am so blessed to have her in my life.  I now love myself and feel much better."
- Michelle Moyano-Wild

"I started working with Alessana because I was desperate for change and had reached a low point in my life. Her compassion and empathetic support were crucial to my healing many old wounds and the variety of techniques she employs in therapy helped me to find an inner fortitude I never knew I had. I have learned from her how to set healthy boundaries in my relationships and am now finding it easy to speak what is on my mind effectively. Moreover, I now know I have a lot to say, and a right to be heard. My relationships are more authentic and I am having a lot more fun these days--which is a lot to be said, given the current state of world affairs. I'm grateful to Alessana for her professional talents, her enduring patience, kindness and guidance, not to mention her sense of humor. I never knew therapy could be fun. I will continue to recommend her as a counselor/therapist/coach."
- Barbara M.

"Alessana helped our family through a very difficult period with our adolescent daughter. Her guidance, support and encouragement provided our daughter the additional safety-net that my husband and I were unable to provide at the time due to economic stress and marital problems. She helped our daughter value herself and appreciate her own strengths and abilities in order to get more out of her life and work on eliminating her negative emotional patterns.  I would say that in a short period of time, Alessana taught her how to "work on herself." Alessana also worked with my husband and me, helped us examine our parenting patterns and make essential changes that dramatically altered the way our daughter related to us, and the way we related to one another. She lead us to educate ourselves further, and gave us some fundamental "one-liners" that every parent should have in their arsenal when dealing with teens! Thanks to her gentle and wise interventions, we were able to create a more unified front, providing a safer and more loving environment for our daughter, and a happier marriage and home for ourselves."
- Dinora R.

"Highly recommend this caring and friendly Counseling Center. Lovely and helpful people in a professional and warm atmosphere. Very happy and satisfied with my experience there. Make the call if you need help!"
- Dalit Moskona 

"I went to Lotus Counseling a few years back and worked with Nazanin for about 2-3 years, and it was one of the most positive changes that happened in my life. I think all of the therapist that Lotus has are all amazing at what they do and I have recommended over a handful of people to them since my time going."
- Jacob Israel

"I started working with Alessana to treat depression and anxiety. Years ago, I would never have thought that I would be in the place that I'm in today. My work with her has greatly improved all aspects of my life. I have a better relationship with myself and others. Alessana is truly the best at what she does. She is very compassionate, intelligent, understanding, and kind. She has guided me to overcome and understand a lot of challenges that I've had. Going to Lotus has been one of the most fulfilling choices that I've made for myself. I am forever thankful for the work that we've done together!!"
- P. Tuffie 

"My wife and I had a fantastic experience here; I cannot recommend Dr. Victoria Raymond enough when it comes to couples counseling. We went to her because we needed help resolving a particular issue in our marriage; from the first session we felt a great connection with her. She made us feel that she really listened to us and would sometimes pick-up on little language nuisance neither one of us noticed and make us explore our feelings about what was just said. Little things like that really made us improve our communication with each other and strengthen our relationship. Without a doubt I feel going to see her was very helpful to resolving our issue and after just one session I had a much deeper and real understanding of my wife's feelings and needs. The atmosphere and decor is very relaxing and welcoming, the couch is quite comfortable and Dr. Raymond has a very soothing, calming, and accepting demeanor that immediately allows you to connect with her, establish trust, and open up. While we went for couples counseling I would absolutely go see her for individual sessions as well if I ever needed to. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. My only con is that they don't take our insurance, while this is nothing we can help and has nothing to do with the therapists it did keep us from coming back week after week once our issue was resolved. I would have loved to keep going weekly as I found that hour with Dr. Raymond and my wife was one of the highlights of my week and I always left feeling like I just had a mental massage. Having said that, while their regular rates may seem high to some people I must stress that they are absolutely worth it. I went to other therapists before her and in one session I found her much more effective than several sessions at other places; the higher rates would not keep me from coming back when I need it. TL;DR: Dr. Victoria Raymond is the best therapist I've ever been to and I'm confident she's able to help you with your emotional and/or relationship issues."
- Fernando Dominguez

"Olga Capriata is an excellent clinician, with over 20 years experience in the Mental Health/Social Work field. I have seen Mrs. Capriata work well, navigating between the many schools, children and families that we serviced over the years. Ms. Capriata is meticulous, well-organized, and goal- oriented when she works with you, yet she is down to earth, and responsive to the needs of her clients. Overall, Ms. Capriata helps empower clients to make the desired changes they want in their lives."

- Joanna Headley-Pigott Ph.D., LMHC 

"My "happiness consultant" at Lotus Counseling has helped me in more ways than words can describe! She helped me not only survive some very, very difficult times, but also to now thrive in ALL areas of my life. I am now living out many of my dreams and continue to dream big, thanks to her. I highly recommend the team at Lotus Counseling to anyone who wants to transform their lives!"
- John Gutekunst

"Seeing this therapist did put me at ease did it solve all my problems no but it gave me another understanding."
- Kim Graham

"The quality of my life has greatly improved through the personal advocacy and consistent support of Alessana Fordin. Her professionalism and compassion are readily reflected at Lotus Counseling Center. It offers a comfortable and safe environment in which to explore feelings previously not reconciled or even recognized. I have recommended Lotus Counseling to several friends and they seem equally impressed. I continue to eagerly recommend Lotus Counseling to anyone interested in personal growth and discovery."
- Gary D.

"We had the good fortune to work with some of Lotus Counseling's associates on a few issues and I cannot say enough good things! From the treatment received from both our therapist and administrative staff to the wonderful breakthroughs and tools that came as the result of sessions...I cannot thank Lotus enough and have recommended them to those that needed help navigating through life's difficult moments as well as those with major life-long challenges."
- Rozana Vasserman  

"I have had the good fortune of working with Alessana and Lotus Counseling throughout the years and it has changed my life. The vast knowledge of modern mental health techniques and human compassion displayed by Alessana has propelled my life forward in such a positive manner that I shall be forever grateful. She has a rare gift of empowering her patients with the strength to evolve. The Lotus staff is always professional and respectful and always make me feel like I'm there to talk to a good friend. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking counseling."
- Elizabeth Curly Gamez  

"Working with Alessana and Lotus Counseling has honestly been one of the best decisions I have made. Alessana's insight, compassion, and experience are evident and the reward for putting forth the time and effort with Lotus Counseling are tangible and noticeable results. Couldn’t ask for anything more…highly, highly recommended!"
- Michael Clay 

"My life has changed dramatically since I started working with Alessana and Lotus. I've been empowered to face my own issues and begin the process of dealing with them on a level I never was able to before. Alessana Fordin is a professional for whom I have the highest regard and I would recommend anyone to work with her who is looking to change some aspect of their lives. Her intelligence, compassion and caring (along with her honesty), made our sessions very productive. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
- Evan Frankel 

"Ok… so there were not enough stars to rate Alessana and her staff at Lotus Counseling Center therefore I had to settle for just five (5). I had the good fortune to meet Alessana during a very rough time in my life. The experience was a life changing event that has allowed me to grow as a person and as a man. Her kindness and understanding made our sessions feel more like chats over water, mixed nuts and dry fruit with a very caring friend. Her greatest gift to me was giving me the tools for my "toolbox" to overcome life obstacles. Alessana is an amazing person and I am forever grateful."
- A. Almeida

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