Marathon Therapy Divorce Intervention

Marathon Therapy Sessions

Marathon Therapy Sessions

Intensive Divorce Intervention

We can offer emergency intervention with the sole purpose of "talking the couple off the ledge", helping them identify the challenges they are facing and coming up with creative solutions towards forgiveness, trust, honesty, love, and reconnection. In short, the affair is the symptom not the problem.

So the idea is to offer an intensive treatment approach tailored specifically for couples whose relationship is on the rocks either because of an affair, emotional disconnection, or chronic unhappiness. Often referred to as Marathon or Intensive Couples Therapy, this approach is effective for couples interested in repairing, or enhancing their relationship with the support and expertise of a therapist or two therapists. We can achieve in several hours what may take weeks or months to resolve and by then it may be too late. 

Marathon Couples Counseling

Over the course of several hours on a weekend, couples will:

1.Identify the problem(s) and barriers to resolving them
2.Begin to rebuild trust and honesty
3.Make reparations where necessary
4.Discover creative solutions to reconnect as a family and be open to greater intimacy
5.Assume responsibility for the relationship and not take each other for granted

Save your marriage!
Save your relationships!
Save your job!
Save your life!
Become the best version of yourself!
Avoid Divorce and Financial Ruin!
Reduce Stress! 

Get in touch or meet Our Therapists, After a short assessment our staff will help set you up with the best option for you to start your marathon sessions.

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