Meditation And Stress Awareness

For most people, stress is a part of every day life- a fact of life we learn to live with. However, you should not feel powerless in the face of stress. One of the most powerful tools for de-stressing is meditation. Meditation helps us reduce stress by acknowledging and coping with negative feelings we might otherwise ignore. Plus, it enriches our lives by improving stress levels, anxiety, sleeplessness, self-esteem, and relationships while also promoting creativity, happiness, focus, acceptance, change, and appreciation. It is important to engage regularly in relaxation and mindfulness strategies, such as deep breathing and meditation, to maintain healthy stress levels. Exercise, healthy diet, and recreational activities also reduce stress. The esteemed, compassionate therapists at Lotus Counseling Center can help you learn mindfulness and other invaluable tools for managing stress. For more information on stress awareness and management, please take a look at the following articles:

Prolonged stress can have long term affects on your mind and body, causing you to be more vulnerable to disease and mental illness. Stress awareness is an important part of managing your stress before stress levels spiral out of control.

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