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Headshot of Psychotherapist Alessana Fordin Aventura FL

Alessana Fordin, LMHC, MS Founder and Director, LOTUS COUNSELING CENTER  is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in treating individuals, couples and groups. She maintains a group practice, LOTUS COUNSELING CENTER in Aventura, Florida as well as an office in Miami, FL. For directions, see maps under the "Contact Me" section.

Alessana works either in a more traditional "psychodynamic" and/or "self-psychology" orientation (helping clients to link the unconscious to the conscious and identify those behaviors that are not working for them) or in a more "solution-focused" perspective--getting results and moving sessions along quickly. No matter which orientation--"I give feedback and am warm, clear and supportive."

Alessana received her Bachelor's degree from Cornell University (1976) and completed a Masters of Science degree at Barry University with a dual specialization in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. In addition, she completed a year-long Certification in Addiction Studies at the University of Miami and is a certified addiction professional candidate. Other postgraduate training includes a two-year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program at Florida Psychoanalytic Institute. Alessana maintains a strong interest in fitness, wellness and nutrition-related activities as well as being a certified yoga instructor and dedicated yoga practitioner.

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