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The leader in Testing and assessments. Reasonable Rates. Reliable Service. 

Here at Lotus counseling, we care about people, and believe in providing the right set of tools. Healing, empowering and enabling.

Providing testing and assessment services in miami dade, immigration testing, Candidate Assessments, pre-hire assessment tests, psychoeducational testing, psychological assessments, child and adult testing, adhd testing and assessments.

 • We provide tests and assessment to help you find the right person for your job.

 • We offer a wide range of assessments for children and adults (including but not limited to ADHD testing)

 • All assessments are done in an environment that is comfortable and confidential.

Our services for individuals and organizations include: Testing and assessment • Testing for psychological, educational and corporate needs • Verification of immigration status or criminal record • ADHD testing and assessments • psychoeducational testing • child and adult testing • pre-hire assessment tests and more. 

  • "DR. ANDERSON PUT NEW LIFE IN MY BODYWhen I first started going to Dr. Anderson I was in great pain with my back. It started by slipping and throwing my back out. There’s just one thing I can say before I got help from Dr. Anderson is I was one miserable lady.
    I tried heating pads, cold packs and even salves to help my problem and all of them were unsuccessful. I heard a lot of Dr. Anderson from his TV advertising. I picked him myself and I am so glad I did!
    Dr. Anderson "
  • "I’M ALMOST AS GOOD AS NEWBefore coming to see Dr. Anderson and his wonderful staff, I had fallen on the ice a couple of times and injured my lower back. I had extreme lower back pain, particularly on the right, with lower leg/toe numbness and tingling. I was kind of dealing with the pain until one morning I was bending over to feed my dog and the pain shot through me. It was so bad I could hardly move.
    I had tried a physical therapist but it didn’t help at all. I heard about D"
  • "My problem was my lower back, It kept going out and I had been suffering off and on for years. It started at work. I pulled two discs out, my 4th and 5th vertebra. I found out about Dr. Anderson through our new work insurance.
    On my first visit, Dr. Anderson took some x-rays and treated my back with very nice treatments. Dr. Anderson told me that a few discs were out in my lower back. Dr. Anderson improved my life as my problem is gone now, I feel great and I hope it stays that way. H"

We have highly qualified, licensed Psychologists and Neuropsychologists available for retesting today. We are standing by for your call.

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