Inviting Happiness into Your Work Flow


Anna Halliday, LMHC, a Lotus Counseling Center Psychotherapist, shares her blog on International Week of Happiness at Work.

"Have you ever wondered how you can be happier at work? Do you strive to experience greater satisfaction and higher productivity day to day? For most of us, work is often a source of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. We devote endless time and energy to our work, whether we are seeking career success or just trying to pay the bills. This week, Lotus Counseling Center invites you to allow more joy into your daily grind in celebration of International Happiness at Work. Take a little time to build your work fulfillment by utilizing the following strategies.

  1. Work values. Ask yourself how your work aligns with your strengths and values, what makes your work meaningful, and challenge yourself to think positively about the enjoyable aspects of your work. 
  2. Mindfulness. Remember to stay present throughout your day. Perform check-ins with yourself, asking what you need in order to feel connected to your work. Starting or ending your day with meditation, deep breathing, or yoga can also be a gift you give to yourself in reward for your hard work.
  3. Communication. Learn to communicate regularly with your co-workers, employees, or management. Be clear about your goals, give and receive feedback graciously, and let someone know if you’re experiencing any roadblocks or difficulties. 
  4. Boundaries. Turn work off at the end of the day! In order to maintain healthy boundaries with work, know the importance of personal time and respect. Identify your limitations and say no when you need to. 
  5. 5. Celebration. Mark your work successes with celebration, small or large. This could mean buying yourself a gift for gaining a new account, going out with friends to mark a bonus or promotion, or simply treating yourself to lunch after getting though a rough morning.

Finding happiness at work and managing work stress can feel tough at times. Lotus Counseling Center’s team of esteemed therapists are well-versed in overcoming workplace struggles through coaching, building awareness, and offering support. Make an appointment with us today to learn more about how our therapists can help you tackle the issues at work that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential."

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