Dr. William Harnell- PhD

Dr. William Harnell Psychologist

William Harnell  PhD

“Dr. Bill” is a senior therapist with Lotus Counseling Center. He has over 30 years of experience in Integrative Mind/Body Therapy and Coaching (PhD in Clinical Psychology, M.A. in Marital, Family and Child Therapy). He has also completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience, which is the basis for his involvement in Behavioral Medicine disorders such as Chronic illness, and in particular, Cancer consultation and recovery. Related to this, a focal area of his practice is Behavioral Addictions (or Lifestyle Disorders) such as Food Addiction, Sex Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Shopping Addiction, and Internet Addiction. 

With the recent occurrence of the Covid Crisis, he has applied his training to PTSD and Stress-Management Skills for disruptive life changes such as different forms of trauma, along with excessive anxiety, depression, or worry. He often utilizes methods derived from Ancient Wisdom Traditions such as Yoga and Mindfulness. In his spare time he enjoys travel, hiking in nature, Cycling (Tour de France fan) and helping ecological organizations.

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