Dr. Richard Taborga, PsyD, LMHC

richardDr. Richard Taborga, PsyD, LMHC
Post-Doctoral Fellow


Bilingual licensed psychotherapist, with 9 years of experience who specializes in the treatment of individuals across the life span, couples, and families experiencing a wide-range of difficulties. His warm, passionate, friendly and patient approach is aimed at developing a therapeutic relationship with his clients that will inspire hope, help them recognize their strengths and to develop the insight and skills to navigate life's challenges. With an understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual, Dr. Taborga recognizes that no single approach is right for everyone and strives to integrate a variety of therapeutic orientations and interventions in understanding and helping clients.

His experience and training includes approaches based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT), Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment interventions, Psycho-dynamic, Solution-Focused, Reality Therapy, Family Systems, Behavioral Interventions and Play Therapies. These approaches provide the basis for helping clients to bring the unconscious scripts into conscious awareness, understand the influence of unhealthy thinking on distressful emotions and behaviors, and develop insight and change that will produce joy, fulfillment, and love in the client’s life and relationships.

Work With Adults
“The courageous decision to attend therapy can be a scary and overwhelming experience. I consider it an honor to have a client allow me to join them during a difficult moment in their journey through life. My approach is collaborative and consists of respecting each person’s unique history, personality, cultural characteristics and strengths. For me, the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between the client and therapist. So, I urge clients to search until they find a therapist that they feel is authentic, respectful, compassionate and knowledgeable. These qualities create a safe and nurturing environment where the client may have the opportunity to develop increased self-awareness, meaning and a deeper connection to all aspects of his or her life.”

Work With Children and Families
Dr. Taborga’s early work focused on the treatment of children suffering from various behavioral difficulties, trauma, depressions and anxieties in Partial-Hospitalization and outpatient settings through group, individual and family therapies. Throughout his career, his passion for working with children and families has led him to develop his skills in this area and share his knowledge through various workshops. His approach is comprehensive, involving all family members at different phases of treatment. During individual sessions with children, his playful and patient nature creates a warm and nurturing environment for children to develop the skills to manage distressful emotions and self-control techniques through play, art, stories and the unique individual strengths that each child possesses. Meetings with parents are psycho-educational and focus on further developing parenting skills, empowering parents and transferring skills into the home. Finally, family sessions are a chance to practice skills in session with coaching from Dr. Taborga and/or to have him model parenting skills discussed.

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