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  • Domestic Violence and Controlling Behaviors
    I have been working with survivors of Domestic Violence since early 2009. The term Domestic violence includes physical violence and often stalking by an intimate partner, however, it is a Read more
  • How Can I Help My Teen Manage Their Strong Emotions?
    Learning how to help your teen manage their emotions can become challenging for some parents. Dr. Alisa Crossfield, PhD. shares some tools to guide you on how to help your Read more
  • The Angry Adolescent - A Phase or Depression?
    Adolescents face many emotions that can be misunderstood by others such as anger. Michael Craig Miller, MD. explains how anger can be a phase or a sign of depression for Read more
  • Why Negative Emotions Aren't All Bad
    We believe that experiencing moods like happy or calm are healthy however, studies actually shows that experiencing anger and sadness is healthy and useful for the brain. Dr. Jade Wu, Read more
  • How Mindfulness Can Help Ph.D. Students Deal with Mental Health Challenges
    There are many challenges that arise while being a doctoral student. Some of these challenges can affect our mental health state as well. Katie Langin shares mindfulness tips to help Read more
  • 8 Ways CBT Can Help Improve Your Relationship
    Is it important to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your significant other. Dr. Seth J. Gilihan, Ph.D. shares his thoughts on "8 ways Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help improve our Read more
  • Practicing Mindfulness
    Mindfulness practices can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.Follow these 4 simple steps to be more in the moment and aware of Read more
  • Controlling How We Respond
    “We often cannot control how something or someone makes us feel... but we can always control how we respond.”  This post was shared by our Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Advisor, Dr. Read more
  • Your Life Matters And So Does Your Mental Health
    Your life matters. And so does your mental health. Read more
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
    May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Mental wellness challenges are not personal failures - though often it feels like one. More people than you may realize are living with anxiety, depression, Read more
  • International Kissing Day
    “We can celebrate International Kissing Day Virtually!  This is a surreal time in our world of social distancing and wearing masks. It is also an opportunity for strong inner reflection and Read more
  • Mayo es el Mes de la Salud Mental
    Mayo es el mes de la salud mental! El proposito de Lotus Counseling Center es crear un lugar en el que se obtienen conocimientos invaluables y habilidades prácticas, que permiten Read more
  • Stress Awareness Month
    Stress Awareness Read more
  • Celebrating Earth Day!
    In light of stay at home orders, celebrating Earth Day may be somewhat of a challenge for us this year. We may find ourselves frustrated from being in quarantine, however, Read more
  • Managing Financial-Stress During COVID-19
    "If you’re like me, apart from your health and the health of your loved ones, the biggest thing on your mind right now is your financial stability! Here are 8 Read more

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