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Suicide Prevention And Coping With Depression Talking Helps


Suicide Prevention and Coping with Depression...Talking helps!
Talking is hard, but it helps save lives! Taking that first step to reach out to someone, whether a friend or someone you feel close to, is so important. If you or a loved one are feeling down, depressed, or considering suicide, please reach out for help. Learn how to manage your depression by calling Lotus Counseling Center at 305-915-5748 to begin working with one of our skilled, compassionate therapists. For those at more imminent risk of suicide or self-harm, please call 911 or go to an emergency room. Further resources for preventing suicide can be found at https://afsp.org/find-support/ .
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, claiming the lives of at least 44,193 Americans on average annually (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 2016). Knowing the risk factors for suicide can help keep you and your loved ones safe.
A history of depression often precedes suicide attempts and thus obtaining responsible treatment for depression through psychotherapy and/or medication is a crucial step in preventing suicide. Additional risk factors for suicide include:

•Isolation and lack of a support network
•Previous suicide attempts
•Self-harming behavior (i.e. cutting)
•Thought-out suicide plan
•Access to dangerous weapons, materials, or places
•Occurrence of suicide among relatives or friends
•Alcohol and substance abuse
•Anxiety and reckless behavior
•Extreme mood swings
•Physical illness
Crisis is temporary, let your loved one know you care.

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