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Navigating Challenging Times


Navigating Challenging Times
Lotus Counseling Center invites you to consider these helpful tips when faced with the stress of today’s uncertainty and discord.
  • Stick to your routine. Continue your daily routine as much as possible, especially through relaxation and recreation, to combat the unsettling sense of instability and to feel more in control.

  • Set healthy limitations. While it's important to remain informed, overexposure to stressful information causes anxiety. Setting appropriate limitations on how much you engage in charged social media forums and read or watch the news will aid you in feeling less bombarded and more relaxed.

  • Utilize your support network. Reach out or get involved in your community because, during challenging times , leaning on your support system becomes critical. This may mean processing your experience with those close to you or promoting a cause you care about.

  • Make mental health a priority. The therapists at Lotus Counseling Center are aptly trained to assist you in coping with feelings of fear, instability, uncertainty, and pain.

Call us to learn more about what we can do to help you navigate the challenges of today.

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