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Recognizing Emotional Abuse


Recognizing Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is characterized by a pattern of behaviors that insults, threatens, rejects, blames, manipulates, isolates, degrades, punishes, humiliates or exerts control over another. Emotional abuse can occur in any significant interpersonal relationship including intimate partnerships, work relationships, and among family and friendships. This type of abuse is subtle and thus more difficult to recognize than physical or sexual abuse, which often leave visible signs. Nevertheless, the effects of emotional abuse are profound and long-lasting. Emotional abuse can result in feelings of worthlessness and low self esteem, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic headaches, digestion issues, inability to trust, and suicidal tendencies.
If you suspect that you're involved in an emotionally abusive relationship or are experiencing effects of this type of abuse, you can find the support you need to heal from one of the trustworthy and compassionate therapists at Lotus Counseling Center. For more information about recognizing and ending emotional abuse, please visit the Stop Relationship Abuse website at http:// stoprelationshipabuse.org/ educated/types-of-abuse/emotio nal-abuse/ .

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