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Mental Health in Modern Times

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Not too long ago, many of our relatives were solely relying on trains or boats to commute from one country to another. These trips would last a few days, even long weeks, without being able to communicate with others than those sitting next to you. Life had another pace. The day would start with the sunrise, and finish with the sunset. People could only achieve so much during a working day. “Superhuman” qualities, like the ones demanded by society nowadays, were not expected back then. 

At Lotus Counseling, we understand It is to nobody’s surprise that technology and globalization increased human’s productivity to unimaginable levels, but at the high cost of individuals’ mental health. Inevitably, new generations have been required to match technology’s speed to be able to keep up with the world’s demands. Over functioning is expected, and comparing ourselves to others, labelled by society as successful,  has become a primary source for validation and self-worth. Society has put so much emphasis on wealth, power, results and achievements; that emotions and personal motivations have been left in the blind spot. It is like the individuality got diluted in this crazy rat race, where slowing down to check in with ourselves seems more like a weakness and not a strength.

When we dedicate time to check in with ourselves, we are honoring our overall well being. Mental health has to do with a person’s ability to enjoy life. It comprises cognitions, behaviors, and socio-emotional needs that affect our daily functioning. It is related to the ability to identify personal strengths, and develop healthy stress coping mechanisms to perform better, as we feel good about ourselves. It is directly associated with personal motivations and the way we act. It also has to do with positive social interactions, and our sense of belonging. Overall, we could relate good mental health not only with ongoing wellness and happiness, but also with good physical health.

If we really acknowledge the fact that mental health is directly associated with overall happiness, it seems imperative to dedicate more community efforts to promote, and preserve mental health. Traditionally the power of therapy has been underestimated, almost always ending up linked to a stigma of insanity. On the contrary, the therapeutic space could be a wonderful, safe and nurturing place where clients are encouraged to explore important topics about their personal lives, with the purpose of reflecting and evaluating life decisions. While listening carefully the therapist assists the client in identifying what really matters to him or her, as they create useful strategies to start behaving accordingly. Just remember that happiness is an option, Marriage counseling teaches people to be willing to slow down and connect with themselves and each other. If we listen carefully to what we have to say, and make the conscious choice of owning our lives, chances are we’ll end up living a more authentic and satisfactory life.

Get in touch with us today and let us discuss your mental health in these current times.

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