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Managing Holiday Stress

Anna Halliday, LMHC, a Lotus Counseling psychotherapist, shares her thoughts on "Managing Holiday Stress"

"The winter holidays are meant to be a time of joyful celebration with family and friends, of generosity and gift-giving. For many individuals, however, the pressure to enjoy this season can be overwhelming. This may be especially true for those struggling with anxiety, depression, disability, mood disorders, trauma, and other mental health obstacles. However, whether you are dealing with mental health issues on a daily basis or not, it is entirely common for all people to experience stress when faced with the high expectations of the holiday. Financial difficulties and family conflict, for example, are amplified and more likely to surface during this time of year.

At Lotus Counseling Center, we know that it is challenging to put on a “happy face” during the holidays when you are not truly feeling your best. We invite you to lean on one of our supportive, compassionate therapists to help you get through the holiday season. In therapy, you can learn important communication strategies, coping tools, and conflict resolution strategies to better navigate the stress caused by financial hardship and family stress. Call us today to schedule an appointment that will enable you to experience greater joy and invite holiday spirit into your life."

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