8 Signs You Should Visit A Therapist

8 Signs You Need Psychological Help

Nearly all of us struggle with mental health issues from time to time. But how do you know whether or not your problem are serious enough to visit a therapist? Here are 8 sure signs that you might need psychological help.

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According to a survey completed by the American Psychological Association around 48% of people either know someone seeking psychological help or have gone themselves.

Mental health is an issue that everyone struggles with at some point in their life. Therapists and psychiatrists are a helpful resource for getting through these hard times.

A common misconception is that therapists are only for those that are unstable. This is not true. In fact, therapy is great for building family relations, coping with stress and many more daily occurrences.

Here are 10 ways that everyone can benefit from therapy, even those that don't think they need it. However, there are a few telling signs that suggest that therapy is not only useful but needed.

We've outlined 8 of them below.

1. You've Become Abusive or Addicted

With depression and other mental illnesses, it can be easy to feel like life is out of control and hopeless. In an effort to ignore these feelings, oftentimes individuals will turn to addictive substances.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs, and food are all frequently used to dull the emotions. This is an unhealthy coping mechanism that only covers the problem.

If you notice that you've become addicted to a substance or a lifestyle, it's important to see a therapist.

2. You Can't Stop Thinking About a Trauma

When something sad, scary or bad occurs, our minds have a habit of remembering it. You shouldn't feel pressure to see a therapist if you think about a traumatic experience for a while.

However, if it feels like all you can think about is the event, that's not healthy either. A therapist will help you to find better ways to overcome the experience.

3. You Think About Hurting Yourself

It's common to have moments of low self-confidence and self-doubt. This is not indicative of a problem. However, the problem does occur when you take it one step further.

If you have feelings of hatred and anger towards yourself or think about hurting yourself, you should talk with a therapist.

Talking really does help! It's a helpful step in managing depression and preventing suicide.

Each year around 45,000 people commit suicide and even more attempt it. Those feelings that you have a real, and you're not alone. However, you don't have to become part of this statistic.

By talking with a therapist, you can get the help you need and see the changes in your life.

4. You're Losing Close Family and Friends

When we go through hard times, we often turn to those we are closest to. Family and friends are a wonderful resource and place of support.

Unfortunately, for close family members and friends, it can be difficult to understand and help. You may feel that they are becoming tired of listening to you.

Rather than adding strain to your relationships, you should turn instead to a therapist. They are trained and capable to handle the experiences you are going through.

They won't become tired of listening to you or feel drained. Therapy is a great way to talk about issues and negative experiences without burdening those closest to you.

5. You Notice New Biological Changes

Our bodies are amazing machines. They are able to cope with a lot and heal themselves. However, they're not invincible.

Too much stress and pressure can negatively affect them. If you've begun to notice new physiological changes, you should talk with a therapist.

Some of these changes include loss of appetite, weight gain, always being sick, loss of hair, and much more.

6. You Feel Like You Need Extra Help

Another reason to see a therapist is just to get a little extra help. Before big events and life changes it's a great idea to talk with a therapist.

Planning a wedding? Talk with a therapist about your fears, hopes, dreams, expectations and much more. You can even bring in your fiancee. This will help you to have the best resources to have a successful marriage.

However, it doesn't end there. You could also talk with a therapist before becoming a parent, if a close friend or family member passes away, or even if you have a big move or job change coming up.

There's no one right reason to talk with a therapist. They are there to help you get a little extra encouragement and clarity.

7. You're Unable to Cope

Usually, when hard times occur, we mourn and then we move on. Everyone copes in different ways. Some people throw themselves into new projects, others spend quality time with those that they love.

The issue that arises isn't how you cope but not being able to cope at all. If you are feeling inconsolable or struggling with panic attacks, you should talk with a therapist.

They are incredibly great at helping people find new methods of coping and feeling under control again.

8. You Feel Disconnected From Life

The last sign that it's time to get psychological help is if you feel distant and disconnected from life.

For some people, depression doesn't cause them to feel incredibly sad. Instead, they notice no feelings at all. Their favorite foods and activities mean nothing to them anymore.

This can be frightening. If this is the case for you. You should come talk with a therapist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You shouldn't be just waiting for the good times to come.

A therapist will help you to find new ways to enjoy the things you once did. So what are you waiting for? Take the first step to win your life back.

Get the Psychological Help You Need
Mental illness is growing in awareness every year. People are learning that psychological help is more than just for depression and anxiety.

It's also helpful for those that want a little extra encouragement and assistance with the daily rigors of life. Even if you don't see your specific symptom on this list, doesn't mean that therapy won't help you.

If you're struggling or even just want someone to talk to, give us a call today at 305-915-5748 !

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